Awards and Honors

Dr. Day has held multiple leadership roles with some of the most prestigious hospitals and neurosurgery organizations in the world, including:

Dr. Day has won numerous awards and honors, including the Distinguished Service Award from the Neurological Association. He’s also president of the Society of Neurological Surgeons, the oldest such society in the world.

Dr. Day has regularly been voted one of the “Best Doctors in America” by publications such as Good Housekeeping, Boston Magazine, and Town & Country. He has also been an honored guest of the Texas Neurological Society, the Western Neurosurgical Society, and the Louisiana Neurosurgical Society.

In addition, Dr. Day has been a Guest Editor of many professional journals, and he has written or co-authored over 160 published articles and book chapters over his career. In 2001 he co-edited the full-length “Neurological Sports Medicine: A Guide for Physicians and Athletic Trainer.”

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